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Students at Education Risk (SAER)

Students at educational risk are those who have been identified, through a range of diagnostic tools and assessment data, as not meeting the expected standards. The On Entry testing in Pre-Primary is one means of identifying such students who can be followed with further testing in subsequent years (Years 1 to 6) to determine the effectiveness of intervention programs. The school maintains an inventory of students who have been identified as being at educational risk.


SAER students are case managed by our Learning Support Coordinator in cooperation with our school psychologist. Individual behaviour programs and individual, or group, education programs are prepared for SAER students. SAER students, with the appropriate diagnoses, may receive an allocation of teacher assistant time through funding provided by the Disability Resource Funding system.

Primary Extension and Challenge (PEAC)

PEAC in the North Metropolitan Education Region caters to the special learning needs of gifted and talented students in Years 5 and 6. PEAC centres offer a wide range of extension courses as well as specialist courses in a variety of community and educational settings.

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