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All Parents,

There are two topics in this notice - School TV and Learning at Home.




Parenting Styles - something for all parents to reflect upon when you have some time available. What type of parent are you?


There are so many different opinions offered on how best to parent. New parents will often have firm beliefs about how they wish to balance love and discipline, but this ideal often goes out the window when a toddler throws their first tantrum in the supermarket!


Raising children can bring parents and caregivers great joy despite many learning ‘on the job’ and growing into the role through experience and understanding. Children will always flourish in a warm and loving environment, supported by clear guidance.


In this Special Report, parents and caregivers can gain a greater understanding of the four defined parenting styles by taking part in the quiz. It can guide parents towards deciding which style they wish to adopt and the effects it may have on their children. 


We hope you take time to reflect on the information offered in this Special Report, and as always, we welcome your feedback. If you do have any concerns about the well-being of your child, please contact the school for further information or, seek medical or professional assistance.


Here is the link to your special report and the survey;


Learning From Home


The Department of Education W.A. has also made available resources for "Learning at Home'.
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