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Our next P&C meeting will be held on Tuesday December 10 at 7.00 pm in the staff room.


All are welcome, please come along and support your school and P&C.  


The Wembley Downs Primary School (WDPS) P&C is an active group of parents and carers who are passionate about our school community. Through parent and community involvement, the committee organises events to raise funds that help support the students, administration and teachers of the school, as well as to strengthen our community network.


We work hard to provide material improvements for our students and information and support for parents and carers. We encourage parents and carers to participate actively in a wide range of events throughout the school year, all designed to raise funds and provide widespread opportunities for community engagement and connection.


We share our news and info via the school fortnightly newsletter, on this page , on the P&C noticeboard, face to face and via our social media channels. To keep updated please follow us on Facebook.


For 2019 and 2020 we are focussing the majority of our fundraising on classroom upgrades and building the Community Naturescape Playground on the school oval.


To date for 2019 P&C funding has been endorsed for:

  • The Year 6 Graduation ceremony

  • The drama production

  • Re-establishing the WDPS Garden Club

  • The Lego Club

  • Funding classroom upgrades – 6 rooms done so far – this will continue until all classrooms are upgraded

  • The Community Naturescape Playground  - for more information read here

  • Bikes and other equipment for the new bike track in the PP area


We manage and run the Uniform Shop and Kookaburras Cafe Canteen and are always looking for more volunteers to assist with this. So, if you are interested in a career in food or fashion – please pop your head in and say hi!


Through our parent volunteers we also provide the following activities and groups:

  • The Lego Club

  • The Gardening Club

  • The Running Club

  • The Fathering Project – WD-40’s


All parents are welcome to come along to P&C meetings, which are held on a Tuesday at 7.30pm week 4 and week 9 during the school terms in the staff room. Meeting dates will appear regularly in the school newsletter. Please feel free to approach any member if you have any questions, suggestions or issues which you would like to raise. You can email us at

P&C Committee Members 2019
  • President: Kitty Prodonovich

  • Vice President: Vacant

  • Treasurer: Alice Mrazek-Scriven

  • Secretary: Lori Jacobson

  • Executive Committee: Janine Abbott​, Selina Lyon, Peter John

  • School Board Committee: Megan McGuire

  • Fundraising: Katie Turner, Tam Bourne

  • Canteen Committee: Roxanne Pappas, Ciskia Sie, Alice Mrazek-Scriven (Treasurer)

  • Uniform Committee: Tanya Hart, Laura Mackintosh (Treasurer)

  • Naturescape: Mel Smith, Belinda Jacklyn

  • Grants & Community: Darcy Bosch

  • School Environment: Mel Smith

  • IT & Communications: Michael Hanes

  • Fathering Project: Matt Turnbull


Wembley Downs P&C

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