School History

1959 Inaugural Principal - Mr Larkin

1959 – School site opened

School was opened 9 February 1959 Wembley Downs Primary School was known as “South Scarborough Primary School” There was lack of roads, footpaths, electricity Access to school via sandy bush tracks March – Change of name to “Wembley Downs Primary School” April – Free milk commenced; Inaugural P&C meeting; Power and lighting connected June – Name “Wembley Downs School” put up on brickwork in front of school September – Telephone connected; Part time gardener appointed (two and a half days)

1960 – Two new classrooms added

August – Two new classrooms added; bicycle racks installed; footpaths along eastern side of Weaponess Road from Cobb Streetand “Stop” signs erected November – First swimming lessons at Nedlands Baths

1961 – Spaethe piano purchased for 244 pounds

March – Spaethe Piano purchased for 244 pounds – P&C contributed 122 pounds.

1962 – Work on playground

May – Work commenced on removal of limestone and underhang at west of playground Shire of Perth, P&C Association and Education Depatment installed bore (780 pounds) Levelling and grassing of school grounds. Education Department subsidy Pound for Pound. Shire of Perth contributed 150 pounds

1963 - Well sinking 

April – Work commenced on well sinking

1964 – New classroom completed and occupied

May – New classroom completed and occupied December – 2 new classrooms constructed with a third being available the following year First Primary school centralised library established by the P&C Enclosure of section of undercroft (for library) cost 300 pounds – books 628 pounds Traffic warden at Weaponess Road, Bournemouth Crescent – after three years correspondence

1965 – Plans to enclose part of the undercroft

May – Education Department plans to enclose part of the undercroft for use as a classroom P&C built library used as a classroom for much of the year

1966 – School regraded to Class 1A

February – School regraded to Class 1A April – Newly formed school choir sang at school Anzac Day Ceremony July – Parents erected basketball posts and hoops permitting three extra courts to be used as well as goal and point posts for football on the oval

1967 – Two demountable classrooms completed

March – Two demountable classrooms completed – installation of verandah awnings September – P&C built concrete stage New footpaths to school Cricket pitch installed by P&C

1968 – Students planted 20 trees

July – Students planted 20 trees on bank at northern end of the oval Planning of canteen commenced

1969 – Canteen officially opened

October – Canteen officially opened – total cost $8550, Government subsidy $2771, Aherns Pty Ltd (interest free loan) $1250, P&C $4529

1970 – P&C sanded and fertilized school oval

September – P&C sanded and fertilized school oval at cost of $617

1971 – Grade 7A cash collection for Austcare

July – Grade 7A organised cash collection and items for Austcare – raised $102.82

1972 – One demountable to be removed

December – One demountable to be removed during holidays due to fall in numbers, P&C employed part-time Library Officer

1973 – Elementary Japanese classes commenced

February – Elementary Japanese classes commenced

1974 – Government presents school with Australian flag

February – Government representatiave presented school with Australian flag and photo of the Queen June – Parents lent 17 portable tv’s so the children could watch the solar eclipse

1975 – Successful fete conducted by P&C

March – Successful fete conducted by P&C; Teacher Librarian appointed by Education Department; P&C retained Library Aide; Library extended by P&C

1976 – P&C allocated $600 to purchase library books

March – P&C allocated $600 to purchase library books; Flute lessons commenced October – Hobby classes began with a good turn up of mothers

1977 – Fete held and approximately $1800 raised

April – Fete held – parents and staff worked from 9am to 6pm, approximately $1800 raised

1978 – Quote of $1200 for reticulation

April – Quote of $1200 for reticulation to eastern area of ground May – Library extension, carpeting, window conversion etc June – Path at north west corner of oval completed December – Year 6/7 social held at Wembley Downs Tennis Club; Library extended into adjoining classroom

1979 – Timecapsule buried against retaining wall

July – Four Year 7 children chosen to represent the school at Subiaco Civic Centre when HRH Princess Anne attended August – Thirty five young adults (mainly Laotian) from Graylands Migrant Hostel visited as guests, PWD plumber reported that lead flashing had been removed from every flue and vent on the school roof; Carpet laid in rooms 1 and 2 November – Gala day to celebrate WA’s 150th Anniversary. The Year of the Child and Wembley Downs 20 year anniversary. A timecapsule was buried against retaining wall – to be dug up in 2009 for 50th Anniversary.

1981 – Year 5,6,7 choir in Combined Schools Music Festival

October – Mr Harris entered Year 5,6,7 choir in Combined Schools Music Festival

1982 – Yr 4 choir at inaugural Chidren’s Festival of Music

November – Yr 4 choir gained an outstanding award at inaugural Chidren’s Festival of Music

1983 – First tandem teaching commenced

February – First tandem teaching commenced. Mrs Tomasz and Mrs Ware in Year 5

1984 – Arbor Day

June – Arbor Day – 20 shrubs donated by Alco and planted in the grounds

1988 – 68 children attended Anzac Day Service

April – 68 children attended Anzac Day Service in Kings Park. All children were presented with “State Bicentennial Medallions”

1990 – Uniform to be reviewed

February – Uniform to be reviewed. August – Junior Soccer Association of WA supplied and installed goals on oval. City of Stirling created a Rose Garden near car park as a memorial to Miss Margaret Sedgmen, Principal Mistress for many years. October – Renovation of Administration area $6920

1991 – Memorial plaque to Miss Margaret Sedgman

April – Memorial plaque to Miss Margaret Sedgman erected in Rose Garden

1992 – Erected a shade house

Rotary Club of Scarborough donated and erected a shade house complete with automatic watering system

1993 – P&C and school funds automated the Library

May – P&C and school funds automated the Library. Full automation envisaged to be completed by 1995

1997 – 40km/hour school zone

40km/hour school zone. Commencement of new Assembly area. Replacement of asbestos roofing to be carried out over Christmas break

1998 – Official opening of the new Assembly area

Official opening of the new Assembly area. Computer plan – 1st year of 4 year program – school allocated an extra $13000 per year for 4 years

2000 – Mrs Williams retires after 32 years

December – The School Registrar – Mrs Williams – retired after 32 years working at the school

2001 – Construction of a fence around the Pre Primary outdoor area

May – Construction of a fence around the Pre Primary outdoor area. Photo taken of the whole school population as part of the “Year 2000 celebrations”. July – “Centenary of Federation” medallion and certificate presented to the school by Julie Bishop, Federal Member for Curtin. November – Bournemouth/Bushey Reserve bordering the school, renamed the “Breanda Morton Reserve”

2002 – Decision to build a new library

October – Decision to build a new library. November – P&C contribute $10,000 towards airconditioning the school

2004 – Book Fair and Open Day in the new Library

March – Book Fair and Open Day in the new Library. May – Official opening of new Library

2008 – Kindergarten on site at school

February – Kindergarten on site at school. School Choir reformed. School awarded “Water Wise” School Grant of $7,000. March – Shade covers erected to cover various playgrounds. July – School Choir performed at the 2008 Children Sing Festival

2009 – Building Education Revolution commences

February – Security fence installed and completed for commencement of 2009. The school officer began work with the School Communication Committee to develop a school website. October – $125,000 Building Education Revolution commences. November – School celebrated 50th Anniversary – time capsule buried at the 25th Anniversary, dug up and examined

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2020 – Nature Playground Opening

February -  The Federal Member for Curtain, Ms Celia Hammond officially opened the Community Nature Playground which is on the school oval. This was a P&C driven project, many years in the making and they successfully raised and contributed a whopping $70,000 toward the total cost of $99,000. The school ($20,000) and two Government grants contributed the rest of the funding.

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